Where we work

We’re right across Cambridgeshire

Blue Smile works in schools across Cambridgeshire delivering high quality mental health support to children.

From Cambridge city to East Cambridgeshire, South Cambridgeshire to Huntingdonshire – we’re proud to be local.

Check out our Blue Smile map below.

If you’re a Head Teacher and would like to commission Blue Smile to work in your school, please see our how to work with us page.

‘My child’s confidence and ability to communicate his feelings has increased a great deal this year. He’s more willing to give things a go

Parent who’s child has used Blue Smile’s services

Partner schools

Blue Smile works in partnership with a number of primary schools across Cambridgeshire.

We currently have nine ‘Partner Schools’, mostly in areas of socioeconomic need, where we offer a full “Blue Smile Day” once a week.

We provide a team of staff, therapists, trainee therapists and mentors to work with the whole school community, promoting and supporting a whole-school approach to mental health, reducing stigma and promoting wellbeing.

The Partner School service includes one to one therapy with between 12 and 18 pupils every week, groups to children with similar needs, and work with parents, carers and teachers on goals and strategies for helping the child with their emotions.

We subsidise this service and use our Partner Schools as practitioner training and development hubs.

Other schools

Blue Smile provide a flexible offer, of our full range of services, to any school across Cambridgeshire.

We are able to provide one to one therapy, using our most highly qualified therapists to support up to small numbers of children, often with complex needs, in any school.

We also offer a large range of other services to all schools, including groupwork for children, teacher training, work with parents/carers and teacher ‘mentoring support’ – giving teachers and senior managers time to consider personal and professional issues affecting their work.




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