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Our leading approach

As a leading children’s mental health charity in Cambridgeshire, Blue Smile promotes a whole school approach to mental wellbeing.

We provide one to one counselling and therapy for children, aged 3 to 13, a range of psychoeducational groups, and additional services to support the child and the community around the child.

When working with children, we use proven arts based therapies which engage the child, helping them to organise their feelings and process traumatic experiences.

So far, our highly skilled therapists and mentors have helped over 1,200 Happier Children to lead Brighter Futures.

One to one therapy

We provide one to one therapy in schools for pupils experiencing a range of difficulties including:

• Low mood
• Anxiety

• Grief and bereavement

• Relationship problems

• Stress and post-traumatic stress

• Withdrawn behaviour

• Panic attacks

• Self-harm

• Suicidal thoughts

We use arts based therapy to work towards better coping strategies and school performance.

We work with children for as long as they need us.

‘I absolutely love blue smile’s ethos and approach to providing school based therapy for children, which is why I wanted to become a therapist with them. I love working with the arts and play and having the opportunity to do longer term work with children


Psychoeducational groupwork

Our groups run for up to 8 children over 6 weeks and cover a range of different themes.

Managing Big Feelings

Managing Change

Moving On Up

Survive and Thrive

Other services

We also offer a large range of other services, including teacher training, work with parents and carers and teacher ‘mentoring support’.

This gives teachers and senior managers time to consider personal and professional issues affecting their work.

See our Blue Smile training page or contact us for more information.

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