TRUSTEE – Senior Consultant – Four Eyes Insight Ltd

Sarah became a trustee of Blue Smile in January 2020. She has a Masters of Public Health and is currently the Head of Registration for the National Cancer Registration Service in the East of England. This strategic leadership role allows her to use change management skills and develop processes to improve efficiency and quality of the collection of this population level data. This role builds on a number of roles within the health sector, including operational roles at Addenbrooke’s hospital and more recently a role to supporting the NHS to implement innovation and digital technology.

Sarah has worked with stakeholders across the East of England on a range of mental health projects which she supported throughout set up, and designed an evaluation to measure their impact. It sparked her desire to support mental health work in a voluntary capacity, particularly provision of these services in an appropriate way at a young age.

Sarah brings her knowledge and experience of innovation and digital technology, an understanding of the local health system and how to evaluate health interventions.